College Life

The First Month of My First Year of College

Time passes so much differently in college, it’s almost like a different universe. Either that or, as my roommate said recently, the days feel longer when you’re awake for 20/24 hours of the day.

As everyone told me and as I expected, college has been an…interesting transition. Especially when an introvert (like me) is thrown into an inherently social environment. You’ll find yourself doing everything with other people, whether you intend to or not; studying and writing papers with other people, eating with other people, and just hanging out with other people all the time. It can be a lot at first for someone with more introverted tendencies and habits or an extrovert’s dream come true. I remember rejoicing at the first hour or two that I got completely to myself, and not because I don’t love my roommate and my friends, but because, for the most part, I get energy from being by myself.

This might be stating the obvious but, since I’ve started college, I’ve been reminded of the importance of making the first move. Opportunities – whether in friendships or school-related – won’t come to you. You have to seize them yourself. I’ve had to take the time to develop a sense of ownership in everything I want to do that, for me, was honestly never there much before. I didn’t spend my life having things handed to me at all but, in college, you might have to put in work for things that were once easily accessible.

Overall, the past month has been an amazing time and, as much as people love to get on freshmen, I’ve been embracing being new, doing a lot of exploring, getting involved a little in campus life, and soaking in everything I can.




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